Testbed - Manual Software

Input directly from test data and produce a detailed technical specification and test curve. Includes customer details, pump information, test conditions, field ratings and a wide range of graphing options.

The output is compatible with GRAFTEC for the further analysis of data. Information can either be fed manually into TESTBED, or it can be interfaced directly to the facility for online measurment of data.

Testbed - Automated Testbed

Fully automated pump test rig.
  • Real time monitoring
    • Schematic of test bed on the screen, user taps on the screen to set parameters below.
    • All live values are read off the screen from the field instruments (pressure transmitters, flow meter, VSD for power and pump speed).
    • Calculated values such as total dynamic head, pump efficiency, specific energy, Qbep etc are displayed live on the screen.
    • The software can compare the test duty with the optimum duty point from the supplier curve, and calculate the flow, head, eff and power deviations.
  • Real time control
    • Motor started and stopped remotely.
    • Increase / decrease speed for VFD.
    • Open and close valves.