Company Background

As a highly specialised engineering software developer, TAS has been at the forefront of pump-analytic software design worldwide. Founded to address specific needs of pump manufacturers and consulting engineers, TAS has developed software to optimally size and select pumps, generate pump performance curves, integrate clear water test facilities, and with the latest development, monitor pump performance live in the field.

The company is totally focused on helping its clients to improve the efficiency and reliability of their pumping systems in order to reduce both electricity and maintenance costs and improve product throughput. Through this relatively narrow focus TAS Onlineā€™s team of graduate engineers and technicians has developed a high degree of expertise in various pumping environments, which has been recognised both in South Africa and internationally. Although we work in harmony with manufacturers / suppliers of pumps and ancillary products, TAS Online has maintained a position of independence, allowing it to be totally objective in its recommendations.
2KG Training, a sister company in the group, specialises in training in Pumps and Pumping Systems, Compressors and Turbines, Pressure Vessels and Petrochemical Storage Tanks. Our target market include equipment manufacturers, consulting engineers, power utilities, water boards, process plants, petrochemical and mining industry. Our stable of local and international trainers have over 500 years of experience between them.